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Terms & Conditions

General Terms

I have the right to reject any order that I do not feel comfortable drawing for any reason.

All commissions are Personal Use ONLY including emotes and badges. Selling merchandise isn't allowed without a commercial license.

I will usually stream the commissions on my twitch channel but that doesn't mean I will stream them all. By accepting to these terms you acknowledge that the commission may be shown on stream unless a request to not stream the commission has been made.


Once the commission is completed it will be posted on my socials with a watermark.

Artwork will only be provided in digital format. For illustrations the buyer will be responsible for printing the artwork onto the poster, canvas, or other material of their choice.

Copyright and Usage

Art commissions are protected under the Federal Copyright Act with rights remaining to the artist and not the person that commissions the work. Commissioning work does NOT transfer ownership unless appropriate fees and forms are completed.

Artwork cannot be modified, displayed, or used in any manner other than for personal use. Artwork cannot be used for AI or NFTs.

As the artist I reserve the right to display the artwork to promote myself, displaying it on social media, and use it in any manner that is deemed fair use.

Copyright infringement will be considered if any of the following are met:


  • Tracing or reproducing the work and claiming it as your own

  • Removing my signature or watermarks from my work

  • Altering or editing the artwork without my consent

  • Using the artwork in a manner that is not in the agreement

Commission Process

Please provide references/pictures for your commission. Anything helps! I will not copy someone else's idea though. I'll be drawing it in my own style.

I will make one sketch of your commission first before payment. After agreeing with the sketch, payment must be made before starting the commission. For commissions over $200, partial payment is accepted. First payment due after sketch is done and has been approved and final payment after work is complete.

You can have 2 revisions after the sketch phase and during the line art phase. If you wanted something changed after the second, there will be an $5+ additional charge depending on the complexity of the change.

If during the line art phase you decide you want something completely different, and it requires redoing the commission, you will have to pay for a new commission.

After the commission has been done and delivered, no more revisions can be made.


All prices are in USD.

Payment can be made using the following methods:

  • Credit / Debit Cards


Payment must be made after commission is accepted and sketch is agreed upon. Do NOT send any payments until you are confirmed a slot and the sketch has been completed. For commissions over $200, partial payment is accepted. First payment due after sketch is done and has been approved and final payment after work is complete.

Commercial License

Artwork is available for use for commercial use after appropriate fees and copyright assignment agreement is on.

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